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 Bikers For Jesus, A Christian motorcycle association of Christian bikers and Christian motorcyclists..

We are Christian bikers who ride for the love of Jesus Christ, We have christian biker patches & religious biker patches, also Christian biker apparel so people who see us know we are Christian motorcyclists/bikers. Bikers who love their Lord, families and others who ride motorcycles.

Bikers For Jesus, are motorcyclists but first we are Christian biker who read their bible to know more about our Lord Jesus Christ ,
If you are looking for a Jesus filled Christian motorcycle association who love Jesus Christ, has faith in God goes to church not for religion but for relationship with the Savior and other believers .

Then Join the Children of Jesus.

Bikers For Jesus

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 Bikers For Jesus

A National Biker Ministry for Christian Motorcyclists, Sharing the Love of Jesus Worldwide.
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Joel Williams "Bikers for Jesus"
(Founding Member)

hy do we attend the church we do? I hope it is for the right reasons where the word of God is being preached and taught and His love is shown and felt and not a church that just makes you feel good and tickles your ears.

I am writing this because God has been doing a stirring in my spirit that I just can't get away from. I have been in a dry place or you might say I have been having a desert experience - not for 40 years but for several. The Holy Spirit has been prompting me to reach out to others that might be going through the same thing. As a biker, I like to travel the road less traveled most of the time. You get a chance to see things you can't see from the interstate. There are many kinds of roads, old two or four lane highways, some with long sweeping turns, some with twists and curves as well as those that are flat and straight. The thing is you have the choice to take the road that fits your style of riding.

As a Christian, God allows us to choose the road we want to take in our lives. We think we know the right road but the road we choose may not be the one God wants for us. That is why it is important to stay in God's word and always be in prayer. God has a road he wants us to travel. My road may not be yours, and yours may not be mine. But one thing is for sure the road God wants you and me to take leads to the same place. God may put us on the interstate so we can get to a certain place quickly but I don't think he wants us to stay on the interstate all the time. You know how it is on the interstate. Everything is moving so fast. Every car, truck and motorcycle are going by so fast you don't have time to fix your
eyes or have a thought on any of them. They are all souls just flying by. Are they saved? Lost or hurting? We may never get the chance to know.

I find when I travel it's safer and more fun with good friends. When Jesus traveled he almost always had his friends with him. When you ride make sure you always have your light on, not just the light on your bike but the light Jesus has placed in your soul. That way if you ride alone you aren't really alone because Jesus is always with you. We must let our light shine in this darkened world.

Ride in Love! ~ Joel Williams "Bikers for Jesus"

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1. At Bikers For Jesus, we genuinely care about helping people. We want to build an extraordinary Ministry that makes a positive difference in the lives of millions of people throughout the world.

2. We believe that people can improve the course of their lives with the Lord Jesus Christ and living by truth; therefore we feel a responsibility to teach and, live by, His correct principles.

3. We believe that sharing the love of Jesus improves peopleís quality of life. We are dedicated to bringing the truth of Jesus to the world with motorcyclists,

4. We believe in the principles of our Father and the Holy Bible, and that people should know His word and know it well. your sword of truth.

5. We believe that Bikers For Jesus Ministry relationships should benefit all the parties involved.

6. We believe in being honest and in telling the truth.

7. We believe in having fun and in living life to the max with our christian family!

Upon the Plains of Hesitation, Bleached the bones of countless thousands,
that at the threshold of their victory, sat down to rest, and while they rested, they wasted and died.

Do something today for a friend or family member.

Make your own decision. You'll either be glad you did, or regret you didn't.


Ride for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ enjoy the fun and

fellowship of riding with other Christians. BFJ  Prayer of Commitment

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Joel's Devotional 04-16-09

To Bikers For Jesus: John in Sweetwater, TN and those who are facing struggles and hard times:

This comes from a recent sermon that my pastor preached a month or so ago. Immediately after the service I felt led to ask him for his notes and told him that I thought that I could use it in some way. Now I know why!

An artist was commissioned to paint something that would depict peace. After a great deal of thought, this was the picture of true peace he painted.The picture showed a stormy sea pounding against a cliff. The artist had captured the flurry of the wind as it whipped black rain clouds which were laced with streaks of lightning, the sea was roaring in turmoil, waves churning, the dark sky filled with the power of the furious thunderstorm.

In the middle of the picture, under a cliff, the artist had painted a small bird, safe and dry in her nest snuggled safely in the rocks. The bird was at peace midst the storm that raged about her. Peace is not the absence of trouble or turmoil, it's safety, it's confidence in the midst of trouble or turmoil, fear and discouragement.
Fear and discouragement both come from an absence of peace in our lives and an absence of peace comes from our focus, and what our focus is on.

The devil is a liar, a deceiver, and a detractor, he tries to distract us from the word of God, from the voice of God, from the leading of God and from following God. AND if he can steal our peace then he has successfully distracted us, and if we are distracted by what we are going through and we aren't looking for the solution it will go right by us. For example the disciples on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-16, were talking about the events that had just happened (about the crucifixion of Jesus). They were focused on the problem and the answer was walking with them (Jesus).

Remember what God said to Moses, I am who I am. Remember what that meant? "whatever you need me to be whenever you need me to be it." And if Jesus is who he says he is and God's work is what it says it is,- why would we lean on or hold on to anything else?

John 1:5 says, "and the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it." If our focus is on the wrong place then we are in darkness. Let's keep our minds "stayed" on, let's lean on, Let's hold on to, the "Prince of Peace".

We need to tell our problem how big our God is. When Peter stepped out on the water, his God was bigger than the storm, when Elijah called on God, his God was bigger than the trenches full of water.


Our prayers are with you!

Ride in Love and in his Grip!
Joel Williams ~ Bikers for Jesus

Therefore  we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip. (Hebrews 2:1

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